Give what you like,
Connect people with gratitude

We create opportunities for appreciating the acts of others and being appreciated through “giv” - giv brings joy and satisfaction to the craftsmanship of its people and creates an environment where they can love what they do. The program ultimately connects people and local community members together through giv.

The Japanese Spirit - 和/WA
Japan is sometimes referred to as “和/WA”. As such, Japanese cuisine is known as WA-Shoku and Japanese clothing is known as WA-fuku. What is the meaning of WA?
WA represents Harmony that is a basic value shared by all and defined as the ability of people to cooperate together. This is WA and this is Japan.

This way of thought is distinct from the capitalist idea of emphasising how much you make, whether you win or lose; this is the way of thinking that the world needs. The idea of a prosperous society that Japan can be proud of.

A “giv”er is generous.
A person who can giv is a person who can create value for others from their skill. This, in essence, makes the person valuable; this person believed in their own path and has developed the skills to help others. A person who can giv is a person who doesn’t believe only in gaining profit for themselves. He/she is someone who possesses the mindset to provide their skills to others and to the local community without collateral.

As of now, we are operating this community in Japan with limited people. However, we want to continue to collaborate and expand. Please feel free to contact us.


代表理事 西山 直隆

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash