Abe and Gaze

Expanding possibilities by giving “giv” to person from new genre and getting feedback.

English conversation teacher Cel and Gaze from Philippines and acupuncture and moxibustion practitioner Kazu’s “giv”

“giv”ee : Gaze

After graduating faculty of education of Philippines’ famous university, he obtained a teacher’s license. He has been teaching for 6 years and has great experiencing in teaching; 'persistent coaching' is her motto.

Feelings for “giv”

Through "giv" I want to know about Japanese culture and build relationship with Japanese people.

“giv”ee & “giv”er : Kazu

Once worked as pharmacist at hospital but started questioning about Western medicine and finally became acupuncture and moxibustion practitioner and masseur.

Feelings for “giv”

I would like to grow through this new experience that "giv" provides.

Also, usually I do my practice as my job, but I want to know how my skills can be helpful by presenting it as “giv”.

“giv”er: Cel

Growing up in Southern part of Cebu Island, majored in architecture at Cebu Technological University. Got teacher’s license at grad school. Teaching experience counts more than 6 years. Listening class is her strength. She believes that having fun is the important thing to enrich life and also with English, the key to improve is to enjoy the process.

Feelings for “giv”

In the Philippines, helping within family and neighbors happens in everyday life. When I arrived in Tokyo, I was surprised that there was no environment like that.

So, "giv" makes me nostalgic for my home.

Story behind acupuncture and moxibustion & massage ”giv”

Gaze was interested in massage due to exhaustion from everyday work. She has never been massaged before. On the other hand, Kazu has great experience in acupuncture, moxibustion and massage but only had Japanese patients in his career.

Kazu was a little puzzled and felt anxious when he knew that the match was made. It would be his first non-Japanese patient so he prepared some English words that he could use during the practice.


With broken English, Kazu asks Gaze where in her body she feels uncomfortable. And then practice starts. But it feels different compared to usual session.

Gaze was deeply impressed by her first massage. And also, was touched with Kazu’s kindness of trying to communicate in English.

Kazu said “I had a realization by seeing someone different from usual and it was a good stimulation. I was able to recall how I felt when I started this business. I got confident that our service is universal. Also, I was only seeing Japanese people as customers, but I would like to more active and positive to foreign customers.”

Then, Kazu got a match with a different Philipino English conversation teacher Cel. This time Kazu became a “giv”ee and had an English conversation lesson.

After the lesson Kazu said “I have been an acupuncture and moxibustion practitioner and pharmacist and I wanted to have English skill when patients who don’t speak Japanese come.

This time, I had ‘giv’ from Cel who works at MeRISE English conversation school which has a motto of ‘From English which could only be used in tests to practical English’ I learned English when I was in high school, but I has been a while since then, so I was nervous.

Lesson was flexible so I brought my textbook written for acupuncture and moxibustion masseuse. Firstly, Cel pronounced a phrase and then I will mimic the phrase. Then she checks my pronunciation. During the lesson, she gave me advices like ‘More precisely’ or ‘Focus more on each pronunciation’. She also revised some phrases in textbook and gave me advises so that I could review what I had studied that day.

It was quite harsh and very fruitful lesson, it made me think of patients who don’t speak English in earnest.”


Kazu has been studying English since then. Towards the fact that foreign people will be increasing, he thinks that this is a chance to widen his possibilities.

When you always serve your service to similar customers, it could fall in a boring routine. But if you serve your service to customer with a different background, you may feel uneasy or something feels off. And this would be a key to a challenge to widen your possibility.

Kazu is a great example. From his experience of practicing to foreigner, he started learning English to give better service.

“giv” gave him new learning and growing opportunity.