Chappy and Kyosuke

A word of ‘Thank you’ reaching someone in some town Ikinoshima fisherman Chappy’s fish “giv” to beauty acupuncture and moxibustion practitioner Kyosuke

“giv”er: Chappy

Chappy was born and raised in an island Ikinoshima in Nagasaki Prefecture. He loves his island and has been fishing since he was a kid. Due to population and fisherman decreasing, he is trying to have more people know about Ikinoshima. He started providing fishing experiencing activity to tourists and opened an Instagram account to introduce fish in Ikinoshima.

Feelings for “giv”

I want everyone to let people know how tasty fish of Ikinoshima are.

I want to have people cherish and eat it. I want to make everyone in Japan happy with our fish. This is why I am “giv”ing.

“giv”ee: Kyosuke

Kyosuke works both in Tokyo and Osaka as a beauty acupuncture and moxibustion practitioner. When he was a student, he aimed to become physical therapist and got a license. After he worked in a hospital, and acquired experience in teaching acupuncture, moxibustion and rehabilitation, he realizes that acupuncture and moxibustion could be applied in beauty scene. Then he opens a beauty salon with his friend, and spends his days going back and forth between Osaka and Tokyo.

Feelings for “giv”

I want more people to know about beauty acupuncture and moxibustion, but even more so,

I just really like to make people feel better and refreshed!

I want to “giv” to everyone including who I don’t meet in daily life or who never had tried beauty acupuncture and moxibustion.

Story behind “giv”

Usually Kyosuke says “I’m sorry I don’t have time to receive ‘giv’. But I would love to ‘giv’ anytime.”

This time, giv’s community manager got a message from Kyosuke, “Is it possible to recieve a fish from Nagasaki?” Kyosuke has already been a “giv”er for several times but it was his first time to be a “giv”ee.

After contact from Kyosuke, he got a match with Chappy.

Chappy was thrilled to know someone is waiting for his fish and sent messages with some photos. "I went fishing right away!" "Today, the condition wasn’t very good so it will be a small amberjack though"

2days after, that amberjack in the photo arrives at Kyosuke’s home. The actual amberjack right before cutting.

Kyosuke cuts the fish that he received by himself. He doesn’t have much opportunity to cut a fish in daily life. Each stroke is given great care.

“I was able to cut the fish like this!” Kyosuke sends his photo to Chappy.

Kyosuke has also sent a nice message. “Actually, I had used this ‘giv’ as a gift for my dad. My dad was born in Kochi prefecture and he loves fish. My mom has been happy as well seeing my dad in a good mood since he had the fish. Thank you very much for the wonderful ‘giv’ ”


Touched by Chappy’s fish and Kyosuke’s plan, Kyosuke’s father sent Chappy a bottle of Shochu, an alcohol that Chappy loves.

The value that you give becomes someone’s ‘Thank you’ in a different form than usual, leading everyone involved feel fulfilled.

Kyosuke’s father might grow to like Nagasaki’s fish more, or from now on when he eats fish, he might recall about the young fisherman in Ikinoshima.

Chappy might be drinking Shochu with his mates in Ikinoshima and feel that he has connected with people in Osaka

People in different places, who don’t know each other starts connecting with warm feelings.