Ryo and Hiroki

They can help each other if one is in trouble because they are fellow profession. Hyogo Prefecture farmer Ryo to Chiba Prefecture farmer Hiroki

“giv”er: Ryo

Rice farmer of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. Started farming since his wife’s family had a rice farm. At first, he didn’t have any clue how to farm, but with help from many people, he is now able to stably produce rice.

Feelings for “giv”

By experiencing different things, I would like to feel more value to what I do.

I joined this program because I had been interested in helping others, and if my rice could help, it would be awesome.

“giv”ee: Hiroki

Rice farmer of Takomachi Chiba Prefecture. Knowing he will succeed to family business, after graduating school, he worked in a cooperate to learn about sales and marketing. 2 years after, he succeeded to family business and became a farmer. He also engages in agricultural experience program to neighbor kids and sells his product at farmer’s market on weekends.

Feelings for “giv”

I am a rice farmer producing Tako-rice, a rare rice kind in Takomachi, Chiba Prefecture.

I joined with the hope to have my Tako-rice eaten by as many people as possible.

Story behind “giv”

September 2019, destructive typhoon landed and farmers in Chiba Prefecture were largely damaged.

Hiroki had noted the scene at that time as below. “The rice field was heavily damaged. Rice plants have fallen down. Trees have fallen and the road to the rice field are blocked. Even we arrive to the rice field, because of the blackout, we can’t harvest. We can’t husk or mill either. If there isn’t electricity, nothing can be done. And this harsh heat. Please be aware of heat illness if your area is in blackout. Aww, I’m not sure what will happen. For people who have ordered, I am terribly sorry for the trouble. Together with my family, we are trying to restore without overwork. “

Watching the news of the damage in Chiba, Ryo the rice farmer in Hyogo Prefecture was the first to give Giv a call. Ryo himself have had also experienced damage from typhoon before. At that time, farmers from other prefecture who don’t know him had came as a volunteer and helped the fallen young rice plants stand all day long.

Ryo said “At that moment, I felt that farmers are connected. So, when I saw the news, I questioned myself what I could do. Maybe it couldn’t be big of a help but how could I cheer up the farmers in Chiba?“ Then, he messaged our community manager.


Ryo had sent his rice with a cheer up message.

“Last year, my field has also had half of the rice fallen due to several typhoon. We had managed to secure the ones to sell but were unable to secure it for my family to eat. So, I am not sure if this will help you, but I would be happy if your family will eat our rice!”

Hiroki replied, “I ate your precious rice cultivated with great care in Kobe. Usually I only eat our rice so eating other farmer’s rice was a very refreshing experience and somehow, I got nervous. Freshly cooked, it was glossy and full of aroma, and had a light flavor different to our rice. It was very delicious!! In every bite, as a same rice farmer I felt how much great care and love was poured into growing this rice.

Because of this typhoon, green house was blown away, rice plants were fallen down and I was depressed. But I got very motivated by you and got cheered up. Thank you very much!!”

Because they are farmers, they know their hardship more than others, and can help each other if one is in trouble. Link between the fellow profession makes the industry strong.