Does it cost money?

As a general rule, there is no monetary tool because it is made up of your goodwill give. On the other hand, depending on the give, there may be cases in which facility fees and shipping costs will be incurred. In principle, those costs will be borne by the person receiving the give.

Can anyone register?

The Community Administrator will conduct an examination in consideration of your safety and security. We are limited to those who have the experience, qualifications, and skills of those who can give value. Participation may be difficult depending on the content of the give, so we appreciate your understanding.

Are there any restrictions on the area?

If you are giving a service, please meet directly and provide the give. We are currently developing mainly in Tokyo. We will expand it nationwide, so we hope you can bring it with you. Also, since we will send you the giveaways of agricultural products etc., you can participate nationwide regardless of the place.