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Give what you like,
Connect people with gratitude

“giv” is a program which allows yourself and others to feel joy through sharing your skills or providing goods that are needed by others.

About "giv"

Giv aims to create opportunities for appreciation and being appreciated.

Through the act of providing a product or a service which you are good at or you love, members who receive giv ("giv"ee) and members who provide giv ("giv"er) will be connected. On the provided system, “giv” will be stored as a log with pictures and feedback on "giv"er"s profile page. This allows members to see who sent ”giv” to whom.

If someone shows empathy to a nice “giv”, they could send that person a "giv" as well. We want to encourage a society that delivers value to people who give value. This program does not provide business opportunities to earn money or a completely private space. It provides a third place society where "giv" circulates.

“giv” brings joy and satisfaction to their skills or what the members are good at and creates an environment to love what they do.

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Your community, connected

How to join giv

Register your “giv”
Sign up with a skill or item that you can give to others.
Talk with others
Find the 'giv' you like and start a conversation with other members
Decide on when and where to exchange your 'giv'
Thanks Card
Write and upload your Thanks Card - next it'll be your turn to be the “giver”


Member's stories

Each "giv" shares an experience that can't be bought.
Create your own story through the act of giving.

Creating opportunities for appreciation and being appreciated.

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